S-map-Phone, Video, 2016, 3´15´´


The video "S-map-Phone" refers to the use of GPS and map on the smartphone.

The video tells a story of a man who seeks his way by using his smartphone.

In the era of new technology, the smartphone has become a tendency.

It makes our lives easier with its useful applications. However, the smartphone should not reduce

human physical communication.

























Afrika, Video,  2014


Africa is a huge continent which has 54 countries. The video shows the map of Africa made of banknotes varying colors, which means the economic potential of Africa. The African continent is extremely rich in natural resources.

It is rich in gold, diamonds, oil, uranium, coltan..., but most of its people live in poverty.




















Fragility of Nature ( Zerbrechlichkeit der Natur ), Video, 2014, 2´57´´


The video „ Fragility of Nature” explores the way we treat our nature in all its forms, humans, animals and environment. Egg is fragile, it breaks easily. The nature is fragile, it should be treated with care.



















" Ega " ( Money ), Video,  2014, 1´36´´


The video „ Ega“ is about money.

Money plays a central role in our daily lives, it has the power to change human life.

People work hard to earn money and want more and more money.

By money, we can do whatever we want, also, whenever and wherever.

Money can build and destroy.



















Virtuelle Kommunikation ( Virtual Communication ), Video, 2013, 1´06´´


The video „ Virtuelle Kommunikation“ ( Virtual Communication ) deals with the impact of technology on human interaction. The new technology has greatly influenced the way we communicate and has dramatically changed our habits. Now we have the smartphone which works like Swiss knife. The virtual communication is in the process of reducing our physical communication.



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